Business Development and Revenue Growth Consulting Services in Johannesburg

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The birth of a new business venture or the expansion of an established business requires a tremendous amount of creativity, energy and money. The professionals at BLC recognize the importance of these requirements and leverage considerable resources to assist their clients in meeting their needs. By combining all of the talents of the group, including investment banking, venture capital, asset management and development services, BLC is able to provide its clients with a one-stop shop for comprehensive business development and consulting solutions.

BLC has helped numerous companies to launch and expand, including telecommunications companies, hospitality companies, print manufacturing companies, companies operating in the education sector, construction service companies, healthcare providers and media companies. Areas in which we have assisted client companies include Strategy Development; Financial Consulting; Government and Community Relations; Revenue Development; and Project Management.

In the area of Strategy Development we have assisted clients with feasibility studies, economic impact studies, business plan review and marketing strategy development. Services that we have provided in the Finance arena include budget development; assistance with accessing government financing and incentives; and creation of revenue projections and financial models. Assistance that we have provided in the area of Government and Community Relations has included assisting companies with management of regulatory processes; structuring legislative and political strategies; developing presentations to community boards and political bodies; and facilitating connections to industry and service provider contacts.

Revenue Development

BLC leverages its expertise to assist municipalities and large organizations in increasing revenues and reducing costs. By analyzing a client’s business models and financial statements, BLC can identify new or increase current sources of revenues as well as identify potential cost savings. Adding to our tremendous value, on revenue development projects, BLC only gets compensated if and when savings are generated or profits are increased.

In evaluating financial, operational and accounting structures, BLC analyzes an entity internally and externally, from the bottom up and from the top down, in seeking to identify problem areas. After identifying structures and procedures that are inefficient or potential revenue sources that have not been developed, BLC will develop a plan to remedy those issues that negatively affect revenue development and/or cost savings. BLC professionals will then create a plan that might involve implementation of new financial or accounting structures; purchase of new equipment; renegotiation of terms with vendors or clients; retention of new services; pursuit of regulatory savings; or development of a new or enhancement of an existing product or service line.

Using this methodology, BLC has worked to facilitate revenue growth and cost savings for companies throughout the communities in which we operate.