What is the business Laboratory?

The business laboratory is a new concept in the provision of quality consulting services to small businesses in South Africa, specifically aimed at the retail and services trade.


We currently offer the services out of our two Johannesburg based offices.
• Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre
• Parkhurst (4th Avenue)

We offer several different types of services. Below is a brief overview of each offering, for more information please contact us directly on 087 808 6972.

Training solutions (Overview and Pricing Below)

Manager Training: Behind the counter training for Store Managers and Supervisors: This training is designed to maximise the value that you as a business owner extract from your most trusted staff members.

General Staff Training: Training includes topics such as dealing with customers and strategies your staff can employ to increase sales and reduce costs.

Go to Market (Overview and Pricing below)

We will analyse and pressure test the various aspects of your GTM plan from value proposition through to market engagement. We also have the capability to reach directly into the marketplace to receive customer, partner and competitor feedback which helps gather market insights and perceptions.

Business Strategy

We will assist you with mapping out your business strategy in the short, medium and long term considering your personal and financial objectives. We utilise proven and tested methods that are specifically chosen based on relevance and effectiveness during our engagement with you.

Competitor Analysis

Want to know about your competitors? We can assist with preparing a full market analysis for you, delving into competitor pricing, tactics and other strategies they are using to win. Thus, we can provide a fully rounded countering strategy to give your business the edge.

Product Development

We can assist you entirely with the development of new products and services to grow your top line, in addition to driving product development via workshop-based sessions with stakeholders.

Financial Management

Need assistance with anything from Accounting, Tax, and Cash Flow management to Business Valuations and Business Sales? Contact us for a full array of financial and tax solutions.

Legal Services

In a legal fix or simply looking for some great legal advice? Our legal specialists can assist you at any time. From company registrations and trademark applications through to drafting agreements, we are here to assist you.

Digital Marketing

We can assist you with the following:

  1. Website design and Development.
  2. Social Media advertising and campaign execution.
  3. Digital strategies to increase lead generation and improve turnover.

Full Google Ad Integration

We will set up a fully functional Google Ads campaign for your company.

This service will include:
• Location research
• Keyword optimisation
• Ad design
• Analytical services such as conversion tracking to maximise your budget value

Business Coaching

Your business and work life can consume time; day in and day out, week after week. Happily, it can be the centre of a successful career whether in your own business or not. We provide professionally qualified business coaches to listen and speak with you about your dreams, aspirations and goals. Assisting you in setting yourself up on your path toward your success. Our business coaching services include elements of our other service offerings and come in various packages.

Outsourced Marketing and Sales

Whether your business is launching, growing rapidly or transitioning, you need to address your new business challenges and marketing requirements.

Investing in marketing without a “roadmap” can be daunting. How best to set up a marketing function that suits your business and budget.

Recruiting resources internally vs outsourcing specific functions within marketing e.g. social media, design, strategy, print – what is right for your business size and life stage.

Analysing your business goals and giving a realistic view on which marketing activities can assist in achieving these, with recommended budgets and timeframes. Developing a high level 12-month plan and budget in collaboration with you and your team, with measurable targets – your marketing roadmap. We also offer a cold calling marketing solution. Call us to learn more.

Dispute Resolution

We offer accredited mediators, many of whom are also able to provide services as facilitators, chairpersons of enquiries and investigations, and negotiation or mediation coaches for a wide range of disputes.

Cost Management

You don’t have the time to perform a thorough cost analysis. You know cost cutting is critically important to your bottom line. It has been on your “to do” list for a long time, but it never seems to get done because other responsibilities dominate your time.
Let an experienced cost reduction consultant take this time-consuming action item off your “to do” list. Out of control costs are usually one of the main contributing factors in the failure of a business.