Every business is unique. Therefore, you must come up with a sales strategy that suits your company’s identity and business model. To come up with a plan that fits your business, you have to determine the following:

Company vision

A clear declaration of your company’s future direction helps you determine what you need to achieve now, this month, this quarter, and so on. Everything that you’re doing now and in the future must bring you closer to your vision.

Revenue goals

Your revenue goals must be aligned to your company vision. Why do you want to generate R250,000 in sales this quarter and R1 million for the whole year? How does it help you achieve your company’s vision?

Ideal customer profile

Gone are the days when you can identify your customers through demographics, interests, associations, and so on. You must create an archetype of your ideal customers including their personal background and pain point. This will help your sales team quickly qualify prospects.

Marketing strategy

Once you’ve identified your customers, come up with a plan on how to effectively reach them. Identify the best platforms to reach them: TV, radio, email, social media, and so on. Then, create a sales message that will both communicate your unique value proposition and make you stand out from your competition.

Action plan

Come up with a workflow that breaks down all the tasks involved in bringing you closer to your goals. Assign the tasks to team members with the right skill set and experience. Put together a timeline for the completion of these tasks. Your timeline should be in sync with your revenue goals.