BlueLineCapital leadership team are experts in Strategic planning which is one of the most important things you do to remain competitive. It challenges you to grapple with several interdependent questions: Are you clear about the impact you seek to achieve? Which results will you hold your organization accountable for? How do your capabilities stack up against those that are required to succeed.

We help you work through the noise to clarify your thinking and articulate your organization’s intended impact and theory of change–a description of how you plan to bring about the results you seek. We follow a proven methodology.

How We Work With You to Define and Clarify Your Strategy

A fully engaged and committed leadership team – Your people are your lifeblood. We identify paralyzing barriers, reframe beliefs, identify strengths and opportunities, and unleash the potential of your C-suite and teams.

Strategy Discussions Often Raise Difficult Questions:

We help you answer those questions by tapping into your values and beliefs, listening closely to the needs of your stakeholders, and analysing and disaggregating data to ensure equitable outcomes. This process bolsters the strategic clarity needed to prioritize activities and make the most effective programmatic investments.

Clear, inspired corporate strategy

Proven corporate strategy that sets your vision, mission, values and brand, plus gives your team the operational map to begin your next quest in as little as 30 days.

A manageable plan to drive the change

Keyword: manageable. A plan for change and growth only works if it has clear action items, next steps and realistic goals. We call it a “Plan on a Page,” and it sets the foundation for achievable, short- and long-term growth.

Apply Analytical Rigor:

We gather and analyse relevant data so that you can make choices informed by qualitative and quantitative evidence.
Articulate Your Change and Impact Goals: We help you arrive at consensus on your organization’s intended impact goals and articulate a theory of change.

Proven structure and intuitive methodology

This isn’t our first rodeo. From first hand experience growing our own companies to improving the performance of teams, businesses and brands since our inception in 2013, we’ve honed how to efficiently get to game-changing business growth strategy for midsized regional businesses and global brands.

Align Strategy and Implementation: We help you develop a plan to mobilize staff and resources to ensure that day-to-day operations focus on implementing strategic goals.

Collaboration at just the right times

Collaboration is at our core. We’ll work closely with you and your team throughout the process. That said, we also know there are times when we need to go off and do our thing and you, yours.

Insights from inside your company and outside your walls

While we bring our data, voices and perspectives from the outside, the voices and perspectives inside your company matter … a lot. That’s why we spend as much time listening as we do talking.

Our Approach:

  • establish clear objectives of the strategy session, determine mission, vision and business goals
  • utilise techniques that suit the group, in a creative environment
  • follow proven strategy developing techniques
  • stimulate discussion and strategic thinking
  • ensure constructive participation and interaction
  • identify opportunities and prioritise for implementation
  • creation of a 1 to 3 page master plan
  • options to track performance against goals and amend the strategy if required

From getting ahead of change to a durable, agile company that can grow with or without your direct involvement, you’ll end up with a resilient business strategy that’s built tougher than a Ford.


With a solid business strategy in place, you can stop letting change get in the way of your growth and start changing the world with your growth.

Lasting Fire

It’s that internal drive and external swagger that keep you and your team motivated and excited for continued growth, profitability and impact. Mindset is everything.

To learn more about our strategy consulting service contact us on 087 808 6972.