A carefully-crafted sales strategy is critical to the survival and growth of your company. Many business owners hyper focus on product development and forging their marketing plan, leaving little room for the development and refinement of a sales strategy plan. This is a costly mistake.

To understand why, let’s first establish the difference between a marketing strategy and a sales strategy. The former is designed to increase your visibility, while the latter concentrates on actually making the sale. A sales strategy is concerned about generating real, quantifiable profits. No matter how good your product or marketing plan is, it will be for nothing if your sales process can’t produce results.

To get to the level where you can consistently generate desired results, you need a well-defined sales strategy that also covers your marketing plan.

In essence, the importance of your sales strategy goes way beyond the bottom line. It helps you modify who your customers are and how you approach them as well as fine-tune your sales tactics, and find the right people for your team.