Once a company commences business rescue proceedings either voluntarily (by way of a resolution in terms of section 129) (and in such a case, the preliminary actions have been taken) or by an order of court (on application by an affected person in terms of section 131), the following actions are prescribed by the Act – the practitioner must investigate the affairs of the company as soon as possible after the commencement of business rescue (section 141); within ten business days after being appointed, the practitioner must convene a meeting of the creditors and a meeting of the employees and advise the meeting, among other things, of the prospects of rescuing the company (section 147 and 148); the business rescue plan must be published by the company within twenty five days after the date on which the business rescue practitioner was appointed (section 150); and the business rescue practitioner must convene a meeting of the creditors and any other holders of a voting interest, for the purpose of considering the proposed plan, within ten business days of the publication of the business rescue plan (section 151).