BLC Marketing is a (digital) marketing strategy consultancy that helps growth-oriented businesses move further faster.

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Building Brands

Brand building gets a bad rap. It’s so much more than colors, logos and imagery…it’s your customer promise and a demonstration of what they can expect. Have you uncovered what differentiates you and compels your target to choose you?

Amplifying Channels

You want to move fast. We get it. But sometimes moving further faster means slowing down to see what resonates in the channels you’re investing time and dollars in. Do you know how to make the right channels work harder?

Minimizing Risk

There are literally hundreds of channels and tools a brand can spend precious marketing Rands on. Have you built a step-by-step blueprint that amplifies your brand and shows how to invest money in the right places?

The talented team at BLC has experience and skill in many marketing disciplines. This team builds Web and commerce sites, produces and places digital media, runs social campaigns, creates videos, writes content, designs award-winning creative, develops mobile messaging campaigns, nurtures customers, optimizes sites, drives leads… and a whole lot more. Every day.

But that’s not what BLC Does

BLC is a marketing strategy team that uses proven and emerging tools and approaches to build brands, amplify channels and minimize risk. The greatest capability this team has is the ability to help mid-size, growth-oriented businesses achieve amplified performance faster. Sound like the team you need? Then BLC is the right agency for you.

Here are some of the services you’ll find at BLC

Build the Brand

Use data to say the right things and drive awareness.

    Business Planning
    Market Positioning
    Video Development
    Creative Design

Amplify Channels

Know which channels to use and when.

    Amplification Blueprint
    Social Media
    Influencer Outreach
    Lead Generation
    Content Marketing
    Digital Messaging

Minimize Risk

Invest at best levels to achieve desired outcomes.

    Insights and Analytics
    Social Profiling / Listening
    User Experience

In the end, success comes down to expectations. BLC diligently works to align on what will be delivered, and by when. The team verifies what your team expects to achieve… and BLC will also share its expectations of your team in order to achieve those goals.

More than business marketing consultants… you’ve found a strong team of “insultants.” No, you shouldn’t expect a team that cuts you down, spews profanity and insults the work you’ve done… That’s not the type of insulting we’re talking about. But you should expect a team that has a definitive point of view and challenges status quo and the way things have always been done. This is a group of people that asks “why” and “what” are you really looking to achieve.

In addition, you can expect a team that:

    Possesses knowledge and passion to EXECUTE big ideas
    Implements customer-centric approaches
    Listens for what makes your product/service special