StoragePro has been developed over a period of 4 years, taking into account the functional requirements of the South African Self Storage Industry, in line with International Systems.


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Overview of Investment

Having identified an opportunity in the Software as a Service Market in South Africa for a software solution for the Self Storage Industry, we purchased an in progress system and completed development. The solution was Launched in October 2016. Marketing initiatives commenced in September 2016.

The system is in the process of being migrated to a .com domain and will be offered as a FREEmium SAAS solution abroad. We have secured the domain for this inititive.

We signed up our first client in the Pretoria region in South Africa in November 2016, and the software has been fully deployed. It also involved some customisation around the automation of tenant invoices and sms communication functionality. The license deal was done on a Upfront fee + Customization Fee + Monthly Annuity Fee.

BLC is making a 15% shareholding available to outside shareholders for investment. To learn more about this opportunity please contact us directly via email at